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Coffee is on the table of most Brazilians, be it grains or powder, it is, however, the second most consumed drink in the country behind only water.

Currently, Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee in the world. Last year, exports reached 36.8 million bags, surpassing the record of 35.4 million bags registered in the previous year.

Our Story

Founded in 2012, it is a coffee distributor located in the municipality of Alfenas, in the state of Minas Gerais.

Forte Grão Comércio Coffee Import and Export is proud to be a unified and solid family dedicated to coffee. With a notorious growth over the years, it is now recognized for its achievement in the market. Supported by integrity, transparency, simplicity and effectiveness, this evolution is credited with the cultivation of good relationships with its collaborators and partners: producers, roasters, importers and major brands of coffee from Brazil and the world.


Bring the best coffee to each customer and act as a link between producers, industries and importers from different countries.


A company that really understands coffee, from planting to the moment it reaches consumers' cups.


  • Ethics and transparency in all actions.
  • Quality with simplicity.
  • Commitment and focus.
  • Customer confidence and satisfaction.


Taking care of storage is an important process that requires dedication from the professionals who handle the cargo, always looking for a safe place for the product.


During the process of unloading the trucks until they are effectively transported again, the coffee goes through different cares until the analysis and quality check.


All transportation is carried out safely and with great quality by partner companies that have a tradition in the market. All this always thinking about the safety of your product.


Our company operates in a sustainable manner and always seeks to address social responsibility issues, which is why Forte Grão sells coffee with Rainforest Alliance (RFA), UTZ and 4C certificates.